Warming Important Reasons Why Do Before Exercising

Many people often forget about warming up before exercise for a variety of reasons. And with warming up before exercise, many benefits can we get.

For example, make the body more fit, avoid accidents during exercise, and the maximum concentration. Consider other reasons, as quoted from Boldsky below.

1. Killing Substance Inertia and Sloth are Dangerous to Body
Based on physics, bodies and objects have properties inertia, the tendency of all physical objects to resist changes to the motion. When starting to exercise, the body in a state of ‘sleep’ and did not want to move. Hence, the heating must be done prior to “wake up” the body before doing the main work.

2. Streamlining the Blood Circulation
After sleeping for 8 hours a day or when sitting in an office all day, the blood circulation in the body is not running smoothly. Therefore, warm up in order to help the heart pump blood throughout the body smoothly.

3. Improve flexibility
Muscles will tighten when not being driven. Especially when you wake up, your body will feel stiff and tense. When you want to exercise, the body must be in a state of ‘flexible’ best. Therefore, helping the body re-warming flexible so that it can exercise its full potential.

4. Preventing Accidents in Exercise
Before doing weight training, do not forget to warm up properly. Due to the lack of warming up before weight training, will result in an injury to a muscle, tendon or sprain example pinched.

5. Generating Adrenaline
When doing physical activity, your body releases a hormone called adrenaline. Adrenaline increases your body temperature and make you sweat. When you experience an adrenaline rush or energy peningkatakn suddenly, it becomes much more difficult for you to exercise. Therefore, the heating is needed before exercise to help the body’s hormones adrenaline pumping smoothly.

6. More Focus
In addition, for reasons already mentioned, the heating has an important role as it helps you focus on exercise. The mind set of the body to be balanced. Therefore, before you need to do a warm up exercise the mind to focus and concentrate to the maximum.