Tips Lose Weight with Dairy-Free Diet

Many diet weight loss solution that is recommended by experts in modern times. One is a non-dairy diet, the diet that reduces or not eating at all milk and dairy products.

Why do dairy diet and what are the benefits? Milk is often not suitable for people who have allergies to milk or other dairy products. This condition is called lactose intolerance. Milk is also often avoided as a staple for food processing or consumed directly to those who are trying to lose weight, because it contains a high fat content. If not constrained consumption, can lead to overweight and obesity.

Not easy to perform a non-dairy diet because many processed food products using dairy ingredients that often we consume every day. For example, butter, cheese, whipped cream, chocolate, bread, biscuits, and so on. If you want to try a dairy-free diet, avoid all foods using milk as ingredients. Instead, you can use substitute foods that are equitable and balanced by the benefits of milk.

Here is a dairy-free diet plan for people who have allergies to milk, or for those who avoid dairy consumption for weight loss, as quoted by Sky Bold.

1. Soy Milk for Breakfast
Usually people drink milk as breakfast, good with cereal or drinking it directly. Replace the milk with soy milk, or toast with low-sugar jam. As well choose tofu as a substitute for yogurt served in your dish. But be sure to make use of soy milk and tofu is organic soybeans.

2. Calcium not only of Milk
Milk and dairy products are rich in calcium. But that does not mean you can not get the benefits of calcium from other foods. When undergoing dairy-free diet, consume vegetables and calcium-rich foods Juha. Such as green vegetables, seafood, almonds, or sesame seeds.

3. Grilling Food Without Butter
Cakes and baked goods generally use butter in the dairy. Butter generally made from animal fats such as beef. This material has a high fat content and the potential to raise levels of bad cholesterol. But that does not mean you can no longer eat cakes or pastries, and foods processed by roasting. Just make the food you eat to be dairy-free. Use margarine instead of butter. Margarine is made from vegetable fat safer, despite having the same number of calories. Choose low-fat margarine in baking foods, and use low-fat oils and fruit cake on a dietary treatment.

4. Stay away from Food Containing Milk
Sometimes we do not realize have to eat foods containing dairy. For example, chocolate or coffee creamer on. Replace milk chocolate to dark chocolate that has a high content of protein and nutrients, but low in fat content and milk. Get used to drinking coffee and tea without using dairy creamer.