The Coffee Consumption Accelerate Recovery Operations

Opinions on coffee consumption is bad for health, it is not entirely true. In fact, the German scientist boldly revealed that patients who drink coffee after colon surgery may experience more rapid recovery, so it can be faster bowel movements and eating solid food.

“Obstruction of the gastrointestinal tract (bowel obstruction) after surgery is a common problem after abdominal surgery. Purpose of this study was to test our theory that coffee will help alleviate this disorder,” said Dr. Sascha Muller, lead investigator of the University Hospital Heidelberg, as reported go4healthylife.

In that study, 80 patients were recruited, randomized into groups of coffee and water prior to surgery. Patient characteristics were similar in both groups. Average age 61 years and 56 percent were male patients.

For this type of disease experienced more than 56 percent of colon cancer, 28 percent suffer from diverticular disease (structural problem with the wall), 13 percent suffer from inflammatory bowel disease and four percent with other conditions.

61 percent of patients undergoing open surgery and laparoscopic surgery rest. They were given 100 ml of coffee or water three times a day.

Key findings obtained from this study is, time to first bowel movement after surgery just over 60 hours in the coffee, and 74 hours on the water. In addition, the group is able to tolerate solid food coffee in just 49 hours, rather than the water that is just under 56 hours.

Not only that, the coffee drinkers are also able to pass gas more quickly is under 41 hours after surgery, rather than the water that takes more than 46 hours.

“This randomized trial showed that time to first bowel movement after surgery is much shorter in coffee drinkers than drinkers of water,” says Muller.

However, in this study did not find an answer how coffee can stimulate the intestines. “Whatever the mechanism, the apparent consumption of coffee after surgery is cheap and safe way to activate intestinal motility after elective colon surgery,” said Mueller.