Stomach : Causes, Dangers & How to Prevent

Bloated stomach is often a nuisance for many people, especially women, because it reduces the appearance of perfection. Constantly trying to get rid of but have not succeeded? Maybe because you do not know some facts about belly fat. Here are six facts about belly fat you need to know, as reported by the Health Me Up.

1. Is That Belly Fat?
Potbelly caused by visceral fat that sits between the internal organs and the torso. If a person has excessive visceral fat in the body, it will suffer from central obesity or have belly fat.

2. Causes of Belly Fat
Abdominal fat is caused due to excess calories and hormonal changes. For that, start living a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy foods and exercising regularly.

3. Comparison Waist to Hips
The assumption that most people who have abdominal obesity uneven definitely not true. Visceral fat is bad for heart health can affect anyone whether slim or fat. How to determine the amount of abdominal fat is owned by dividing the size of the smallest point sizes waist with the widest hips. To be sure, you should consult a specialist or a doctor of nutrition.

4. Fat Belly Fat Worse Than Others
In the human body there is subcutaneous fat (fat under epidermins networks) that are commonly seen on the arms and buttocks, as well as visceral fat in the abdomen appear. But apparently visceral fat or abdominal fat is much more dangerous to the body because in addition to hard to remove, it can also lead to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer. While subcutaneous fat causes the body to look saggy and generally can be destroyed by physical activity.

5. Visceral Fat Prevents Formation
Visceral fat can be prevented by maintaining a healthy diet, reducing stress through meditation and drink plenty of water to remove the salt from the body. Eat foods such as oats, whole wheat bread, brown rice, green vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish and so on. Avoid foods high in sugar and fried like sugar coated cereals, sweets and fried food. Liposuction or liposuction is not effective to burn visceral fat. But only useful removes subcutaneous fat and of course plastic surgery is dangerous to health, especially of internal organs.

6. How to Get Stomach Average
According to science, everyone has a six pack but not all can be seen physically as a hoard of fat in the abdomen. To get a flat stomach fast, the key is through fitness and a balanced healthy diet. You have to have a balance diet with protein, fiber, and maintain adequate body fluids.

Protein in chicken, beans, fish and soy can help you lose weight. Fiber supports bowel system work to detoxify the body. While the body fluid metabolism increases smoothness and helps burn calories.