Slimming Gel & Cream Can Help Burn Fat, But …

Many products which claimed to destroy the fat in specific areas like the abdomen, arms and thighs. Such as a cream or gel slimming example, simply rub it on affected areas and rub in a circle, and body fat was shed so much slimmer.

Mere lip service to the promotion of, or actually effective? Prof nutritionist. Dr. Hardinsyah, MS said, slimming cream or gel might help activate fat breakdown in the three areas. Because it may be contained substances that can raise body temperature so as to burn fat.

Likewise with slimming corset emit heat by particles electronically. Steam heat released can break down fat in the body granules were fitted bodice.

“It could also be due to increased skin temperature, so that the fat is slowly melting. Process of heating it stimulates metabolism,” explained the 53-year-old man while talking with wolipop in Indofood Tower, Sudirman, South Jakarta, Wednesday (12/12/2012).

But if it were effective or not, Hardin, so familiar greeting, not necessarily the answer. According to him, any attempt made by force actually less effective. That is, when the body is forced to reach its ideal form with the use of foreign objects, the results can not be optimal when compared with the natural (healthy diet, regular exercise).

“Not effective in the sense of sustainable because of something that will easily snap back again. Due mindset does not change, only the physical change,” said Hardin, who daily teaches in the Department of Nutrition Faculty of Human Ecology, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB).

The use of cream, gel or slimming corset may be more effective for the short term. For example, when you’ll get married one month away and suddenly the body into fat so your wedding dress so a bit cramped. So slimming method with gel or electric corset as supporting tools to help the process go faster.

But Hardin does not suggest this way for long periods or when you expect permanent results. It would be more effective to burn fat with exercise, fitness or high-intensity physical activity on a regular basis.

“Exercise improve combustion. Burned what? Fats, glucose, so he wasted into power,” said graduate S1 and S2 Agriculture Nutrition Society IPB.