7 Injuries Suffered Often when Jogging & Ways to Prevent

Jogging is an activity a fun and healthy sport. However, if not done properly will cause injuries, from minor to severe injuries. Get to know the seven injuries often experienced during jogging, and ways to prevent it as quoted from the All Women Stalk.

1. Pain in the Bone Dry for Conflict
Sprains and shin pain often occurs when you fall or hit something hard while running or jogging. These injuries occur in people who generally makes a new start training run, especially when running too intense and fast. The way to avoid this is to reduce the speed of running. Do not force yourself to run too far or fast just to burn more calories. Add track your distance gradually, at least 5-10 yards every week.

2. Piriformis syndrome
Injury when running often causes pain or pain in the butt. But sometimes it can also spread to the legs and lower back area. The key to avoiding the syndrome is to run on a flat surface and stretch or stretch the hamstrings after running.

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Kids Beds Collapsed When laid, Female It Down Weight 50 kg

Overweight or obese is certainly not desired by anyone, because it not only affects the self-confidence but also for health. A young mother Cacia Griggs one of them, so he could not freely move the baby because its weight is too heavy. At age 24, weight 114 kg rocketed in numbers and have to wear size 24.

One day while mendongengkan princess named Isabelle, he sat down at the baby’s bedside and began to hear the sounds that apparently is the sound of broken beds. “I heard a loud noise. I totally ruined the whole beam bedside because I was obese. I feel very upset,” he told the Daily Mail.
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Slimming Gel & Cream Can Help Burn Fat, But …

Many products which claimed to destroy the fat in specific areas like the abdomen, arms and thighs. Such as a cream or gel slimming example, simply rub it on affected areas and rub in a circle, and body fat was shed so much slimmer.

Mere lip service to the promotion of, or actually effective? Prof nutritionist. Dr. Hardinsyah, MS said, slimming cream or gel might help activate fat breakdown in the three areas. Because it may be contained substances that can raise body temperature so as to burn fat.

Likewise with slimming corset emit heat by particles electronically. Steam heat released can break down fat in the body granules were fitted bodice.

“It could also be due to increased skin temperature, so that the fat is slowly melting. Process of heating it stimulates metabolism,” explained the 53-year-old man while talking with wolipop in Indofood Tower, Sudirman, South Jakarta, Wednesday (12/12/2012).
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Can Drinking Slimming Drugs to Cut Fat?

Many people offered drugs to lower and put on weight. The question is, should not it actually taking slimming drugs to get rid of fat?

Michael Triangto sports doctor explains, the drug is needed to reduce the intake of fat in the body. For example, the orlistat group. Orlistat works to prevent the absorption of fat in the intestine so that food does not enter the blood for further proceedings. Thus, the fat will come out in the form of fat through human waste.

This does not mean you can use a slimming drug continuously. There are people who think ‘Oh, there are drugs that ngurangin fat huh? Then we’ll just eat fatty foods will also come out again ‘. Not as easy as it was, the drug should be used to reduce the fat already in the body.

“We use a drug that has been forced to cut inside. We have eaten at least (diet) is good, but this good we want to reduce fat again, “Michael said when met at the clinic wolipop sport, building Badminton Association of Indonesia (PBSI), Jalan Pelatnas PBSI, Cipayung, East Jakarta, Thursday ( 13.12.2012).

The man who set up practice in hospitals Mitra Kemayoran added, that fat is good do not need to use drugs. So you need to change your thinking is wrong. Right mindset is the reduction of the weight should be controlled not by the drug itself.

“There I was 160 kg if the patient without medication he desperately hard to lose weight. But whether she should continue taking orlistat? No, that should be continuously is thought proper diet like this, “he explained later.

For that, they need education so that your thoughts are not mistaken. When thinking about trimming the fat is correct then you will successfully lose weight that can last a long time.

“Thus we can successfully lose weight that will last for a long time. Fixed exercise, food intake is maintained, and education. So education is the most important because with education we can change the mindset is concerned, “added Michael.