8 Ways Reduce Junk Food Eating Habits

Who does not like to eat potato chips, fried chicken flour, french fries or nuggets? It was a tasty and delicious it can arouse the appetite. But most of these foods are high in calories but low in nutrients even zero.

The term food such commonly called junk food. Too often eat junk food can make a variety of serious diseases come to the body. Unfortunately, many can not avoid the temptation of junk food because generally, these foods have the aroma and taste tempting. Even so, you can resist the urge to eat junk food, the following methods were reported by the Times Of India.

1. Drinking Water
When the stomach feels hungry, sometimes actually happens is not hungry it’s your body hydrated. To that end, if you feel hungry in the middle of meals then try to drink water to keep your body well hydrated.

2. Bustle
While I was on vacation at home and not move, tend to feel hungry stomach and cravings increased. To avoid this, sibukkanlah yourself when you are not on the move in a way to listen to music, read a book, call a friend, or watch your favorite tv shows.
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Main Causes Body Fat After returning Strict Diet

Actively while being on a diet, someone willing to drastically change his lifestyle so that weight can be lost more quickly. But once managed to get into shape, many people who eventually gain weight back. Here are the reasons why your diet to fail as reported by Live Strong.

1. Extreme Weight Loss in Short Time
Most diets fail because implementing dietary patterns change drastically from day-to-day habits. Generally, this diet allows eating only cabbage soup, milkshakes, fruit or cookies diet. How to diet like this may result in a slimmer body in no time. But humans will not survive if the rest of his life just eating these foods. As a result after the stop applying extreme diet, you went back to old eating patterns. As a result, the body fat again exceeded even before the diet.

2. No Post-Diet Plan
After successfully losing weight until the desired number, most people do not think about the next plan. So what happens is that the old diet re-run. And the weight back up quickly due to decreased drastically slow the metabolism system. For that, berprinsiplah to continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle even though weight is ideal. Continue reading “Main Causes Body Fat After returning Strict Diet”

Eliminate Thigh Fat by Doing 5 Activities This at Home

There is assumption that the fat on the thighs will be very ulit to be eliminated. But in fact, exercise and proper lifestyle can actually help you get the shape thighs dreams, even when at home though. As quoted from eHow, here are some ways slimming thighs:

1. In Exercise Routine
Transform and gain shape slender thighs, you need cardiovascular exercise, fat-burning and high intensity exercise to ‘turn on’ the system cuts the fat in the body. If you have a yard big enough, do sports like running, cycling, or swimming. But if not, dance and movement exercises from the DVD can be an option. For maximum results, do this exercise at least an hour a day, three times a week.

2. Heart Rate Monitor
Make sure that you are on a cardiovascular workout intensity level of 75 to 80 percent. Use heart rate gauges to provide an accurate count. Usually these gauges are sold in sports stores or supermarkets.

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5S formula to Lose Weight by Walking

Many people choose to ride a bike or drive a motorcycle on his way somewhere. In addition to a lazy walk, maybe a lot of them are not aware of the health benefits when walking.

If you’re on a weight loss program, try this one sport. Dr Nadkarni, an orthopedic surgeon recommends the majority of patients who want to lose weight by walking. “Walking is a relatively safe exercise and fun. Walk also can effectively lose weight,” he said as quoted from Idiva.

In addition, walking is an excellent exercise radiovaskular, can make your heart and lungs more efficient practice. It can help prevent osteoporosis and improve bone health. Walking is also a great way to eliminate stress.

In order to walk into an effective exercise to lose weight, one should stick to the formula 5S.

Stretch (Muscle Flexing)
Stretch your muscles before and after running. Muscles such as the calf muscles, quadriceps, hamstrings should supple while walking. Stretching is good is the ‘Yoga Vertical’ that can help you stretch muscles while walking. Vertical Yoga is one type of yoga postures while standing, which can be done before or after the walk. Continue reading “5S formula to Lose Weight by Walking”

Women Down 73 Kg Weight Loss But Can Still Eat Delicious

Diet to lose weight is identical to avoid your favorite foods, especially fatty cakes. But for Claire Alsop, he still managed to lose more than half his weight while eating her favorite cake.

Weight loss was 31-year-old woman Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England was rocketed to 137 pounds after the birth of her two children. At that time, he had to wear size 26 or 28 and so scared can not properly take care of their children because of the difficulties encountered due to his physical condition.

With body obesity, Alsop difficult to perform daily activities let alone take care of her baby. He admitted that he was not strong enough to stand more than 10 minutes because of back pain when standing too long.

Feeling unwell and fear can not see her baby grow up, Alsop decided to join in a body slimming center named Slimming World after unsuccessfully trying various models of diet and eating patterns. Since joining the club in January 2011, now total body weight was reduced Alsop was 73 kg or more than half of its original weight.
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7 Activity of the Same Effective As Sports in Gym

Sports must do if you want a slim body and ideal. However, many people who complain about the difficulty of taking time to exercise at sport facilities such as a gym or fitness center because they were overbooked activities. Is there another way that can still exercise without spending a lot of time in the gym?

By slightly altering the custom of the day-to-day, now you no longer need to feel guilty if you do not work out in the fitness center. Here are the day-to-day activities of the same benefits as exercising in the gym you can do as quoted from Allwomenstalk:

1. Walking Up the Stairs
Change your habits using the elevator or the stairs while visiting a building. If it’s the floor that want to target can be reached by stairs, select the method of climbing stairs. This is one of cardio exercise that serves to tighten your thighs and buttocks. Perform this habit at the mall, movie theater, or at any place using the stairs.

2. Self Cleaning Room
Clean room itself is indeed one effective exercise alternative. You can do this without having to waste time in the gym, as well as easy to put into practice everyday. Turn the music up beat song and dance while cleaning the room. Calories burned, you also clean room instantly. Continue reading “7 Activity of the Same Effective As Sports in Gym”

Stomach : Causes, Dangers & How to Prevent

Bloated stomach is often a nuisance for many people, especially women, because it reduces the appearance of perfection. Constantly trying to get rid of but have not succeeded? Maybe because you do not know some facts about belly fat. Here are six facts about belly fat you need to know, as reported by the Health Me Up.

1. Is That Belly Fat?
Potbelly caused by visceral fat that sits between the internal organs and the torso. If a person has excessive visceral fat in the body, it will suffer from central obesity or have belly fat.

2. Causes of Belly Fat
Abdominal fat is caused due to excess calories and hormonal changes. For that, start living a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy foods and exercising regularly.

3. Comparison Waist to Hips Continue reading “Stomach : Causes, Dangers & How to Prevent”

Too Skinny Add this 8 Ways Healthy Weight Loss

Weight problem is not only limited to overweight and obesity. Underweight or too thin can be referred to as a weight problem. Keep in mind, the body is too skinny too dangerous because of malnutrition and nutrition. If you weigh less than ideal size, so it’s good soon undergo weight program.

The program can be started to gain weight with sufficient caloric intake. You need more calories than the body needs to maintain an ideal weight. The average woman needs about 2000 calories per day. Take a diet rich in calories yet healthy. Healthy source of calories derived from olive oil, almonds, potatoes, corn, cheese as well. You also have to meet the needs of key nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals and water.

Want more body fat, contains but still healthy? Follow the diet tips, as quoted by the Times of India and About.

1. Carbohydrate Consumption
The body needs carbohydrates for energy. If you want to gain weight, you must consume enough carbohydrates. Good sources of carbohydrates come from fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
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3 Tips to Keep Ideal Body Exercises that in Old Time

There are various ways that can be taken to get into shape, one with a physical activity such as sports and fitness. Physical exercise helps burn excess fat and calories so that the body is in a state of the most healthy and vibrant.

You can maximize the benefits of physical activity in weight loss in several ways. If done regularly, the body will maintain ideal weight and shape for a long time, even forever. The trick is not as difficult as imagined. Peek tips quoted from this Shape.

1. Exercising in the Morning
Exercise in the morning is of course more difficult to do because of his lazy to get up in the morning and also blowing cold air that can make your body shiver. But, if you diligently exercising in the morning, calories burned will be much more than ever before, and not be distracted from things like jam after work or additional activities that often make failed exercise in the afternoon or evening.

Plus, the morning air is usually still fresh and the body is in its best condition since been resting overnight. So that the exercise can be done more leverage.
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1 of 3 Male Shame Admits Being Dieting, It’s The Reason

Women who are undergoing a diet program to lose weight generally enthusiastic talk and ask advice from friends or family. But not for men, they tend to keep the diet program of the people nearby. What for?

A survey conducted by brand called Diet Chef diet showed, 31 percent of men on a diet but keep it a secret from others. It’s likely they do because they think that a diet is something only women to control weight.

More than 90 percent of men say they want to lose weight. But one of the three men said he would not admit that he was on a diet to others.

The survey concludes, 14 percent of men still see the diet is only done by women, 25 percent do not want to say that they are dieting to family and friends because they feel ashamed. While 29 percent of respondents were concerned people would think diet does is in vain and the rest concerned closest people will try to ruin their diet with giving sweets and fatty foods.

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