Re-arranging The Cramped Bathroom

Arranging narrow space be good in view and functional bathroom is a big challenge. Therefore, please follow the following trick to organize your bathroom.

The sink is one of the obligatory furniture in the bathroom. Before deciding to buy a sink, there are a few things to think about.

Determine the needs of your sink. Do you include people who have a lot of toiletries, accessories and storage needs? If yes, then choose a small sink with cupboard and drawers below and shelves behind glass sink.

If you do not include people who use a lot of products shampoo, face cleanser or soap, then a pedestal sink can be a solution. In addition to more simple, washtafel also saves space. There is also a sink that can be placed in the corner of the room thereby saving space is limited.

Usually people like a big toilet. But now it seems that the only narrow toilet room only. Therefore, if possible, change the size of your toilet. If not possible, then try to change the size of items such as trash and place dirty clothes.

For those of you who still use the tub, try to be abandoned and replace shower. Shower will make the room more spacious.

If you are taking a shower before, try to replace the shower curtain with glass doors. Glass will give the illusion that the bathroom look bigger.

Light can create the illusion of a room. If your bathroom has natural light, the room will look larger. Moreover, the natural light will give the impression of a warm and inviting.

Please note also the color of your bathroom. Dark colors will make the bathroom look smaller, and vice versa, light colors make a room look bigger.