Kegel-exercise also useful

Kegel-exercise also useful

Kegel-exercise has the recommended way for women to strengthen pelvic muscles for several years. Unusual sexuality is also important for the treatment of incontinence. It has been found that Kegel-exercise also has an effect primarily on impediments to sexual performance and sexual health.

In the late 40s, Dr. Alfred Kegel describes what came to be known as Kegel -exercises, as a way of strengthening pelvic floor muscles in women. Today, this method is recognized worldwide as the first choice in terms of stress incontinence and female genital prolapse. In 1952 Dr. Kegel presented a report in which he claimed that Kegel exercises also increased the frequency of orgasm and how this was done. Kegel-exercise also useful

For men, it has long been claimed that pelvic floor and pelvic floor strengthening may be successful in treating premature ejaculation (PE), and Kegel exercises may be useful in this regard. However, special pelvic floor muscle exercises also found erectile dysfunction (ED) and impotence.

Kegel exercises are easy to do. Find the muscles used to control the flow of urine or urination – and this dash is repeated.

To find the right muscles and get used to “pinch” or “tighten” them, it’s worth trying to stop the flow of urine during urination. One common way to do the flow, count to ten, relax and continue the water drainage.

This is repeated as often as possible during water draining. In this way, you get a good “contact” with your muscles and get to know them.

Exercise can be done without urination at the same time, but urine gives a good chance to check if you are using the correct muscles.

Make it between 10-20 “contractions” or “cuts” three times a day, but as mentioned, this is not the only thing to do. do it the right way

The results of Kegel exercises like that for men can be very impressive. After three months, erectile function increases Kegel exercises. After six months, 40% of men doing Kegel exercises get normal erectile function, while 35% of men doing Kegel exercises improve their erectile function. For 25 percent of men, Kegel exercises have no effect – the cause of the disease (DE) about ED.

Given how simple and effective it is to cause depression. For problems such as incontinence and Kegel-training impotence should be a recommendation from a doctor, gynecologist or urologist for men and women who suffer from one of these problems. However, this exercise is very easy to do on its own – so many visits to doctors can be avoided – minimal or minor dedication can produce great results. Kegel-exercise also useful