Kapok Eating Junk Food During Pregnancy, Women It Down Weight 60 Kg

The problem that has always plagued the women after giving birth-weight is a difficult one to control. Size does not fit trousers with a waist circumference early, and a lot of fat that meet most of the body.

According to a story reported by the Daily Mail, a woman from Manchester, Hayley Peck, 24, managed to get back slim after giving birth. Previously, he was always struggling to manage their weight, and during school, he was even known as the fat kid and is often called “Hayley the hippo”.

During her pregnancy five years ago, Hayley always spend the time to go to the restaurant every night and be able to spend 300 packets of fast food. He also often eat sweet foods and spend 10 packets of crisps every day.

The doctor even warned him to stop these bad habits, in order to avoid diabetes. After giving birth to her daughter, Sienna Rose in 2007, the weight reached 132 kg. But now, he looks trim after removing the excess weight up to 60 kg.

At that time, Hayley decides not want to be a fat mother for her daughter, Sienna, and he is determined to change his lifestyle by eating healthy foods and coupled with exercise.

“I started eating porridge for breakfast and ate chicken and salad for dinner. I also went to the gym every night to help you lose weight. “He said.

The method proved successful, so in October, a woman who previously worked at a company as a call center, the start up business to help others lose weight.

Now he has launched a website, Slimpirational, where he was a motivator for hundreds of people to share the secrets of special diets and make body lean back. The site has not only helped many people go on a diet, but it also produces a lot of financial benefits.

In just a few months, in a savings account increases. She earned income of 1,000 pounds per month, or approximately USD 15 million. Young mother is now planning her dream wedding next year and have bought ‘the perfect dress’ which can be adjusted at will.