In order Little Comfort In First Day School

The first day of school is not only terrible for the child, but also his parents. Imagine, when he was crying because you left or see
calling you. It may be that the next day he did not even go to school. Face it, there are a few tips to consider when children begin to enter the school.

1. Encourage children to join you when choosing a school. If it fits with one school, let your child play in this place that he familiar with the prospective new school.

2. Provide a description of whether the school. Say nice things what he can do throughout the school and explain what benefits are in
able from the school.

3. Make sure your child getting enough sleep, about 8-12 hours. With enough sleep can make your child more easily deal with stress and make it quieter
when you will leave.

4. Do not get in a hurry. Prepare everything at night, if you panic because of late, it will affect the baby and he would
feel the same way too.

5. Provide your child with the goods or foods that remind you. This will make your child always feel close to you.

6. Try to arrive early. You need time to accompany your child in advance that it is familiar with the surroundings. In addition, you can also talk with the teacher to help children adapt to their new environment.

7. Specify when you will leave the little guy. Do it slowly, if you will wait on the first day of full day then try to
reduce the time the next day. Perhaps for the first 2-3 days do go quietly but after that tell me when you are going and back.