How to Make Natural Atmosphere Indoor Gardening

Bringing natural elements into the home not only makes you feel comfortable. The feeling of peace will not necessarily make you more calm and relaxed.

Incorporate elements of nature into the home not just put a few potted plants into the house. There are several ways you can bring the beauty of nature and atmosphere.

Bring Natural Fibers, Textures and Patterns of Nature
Wicker, rattan, jute and jute are all materials that are inspired by nature. Choose materials as furniture to reflect a comfortable oasis to relax. You can also include materials such as base material baskets, rugs and even a lampshade.

Natural Color
Use colors that are inspired by nature. Green will remind you of the plants. Blue will refresh you like a splash of water and sky. Yellow represents freshness like sunlight in the summer and the flowers are fresh. Neutral colors can still be applied to the walls to give the impression of natural and clean in a room.

The Natural Floor
Wood into flooring material that makes the atmosphere natural warmth into the room. Therefore, choose wood as the floor of the room rather than manmade flooring such as ceramic cold.

Natural Elements In Decorating
The use of rocks, shells, sand, wood or bamboo in the decor of the room will increasingly support a natural atmosphere to the room. If you do not have the decor of these materials, you can use a picture or mural that reflects the beauty of nature.

Fragrant Nature
Getting natural fragrances like flowers in the garden or timber in the forest is not difficult to apply. You simply buy air freshener with a refreshing fragrance like citrus fragrance.

You can also use aromatherapy fragrance into the room. Currently many of these fragrances are sold in the market.

Natural Light
Enter the sunlight into the house by multiplying the glass in the house and widen the windows in the house. Sunlight does not only provide natural lighting, but also saves energy.

Fresh Air
Getting natural atmosphere not only through the appearance of the house alone. Fresh air is a very important auxiliary factor to bring the natural environment into the home.

Therefore, it is very important a good air circulation to create a natural atmosphere. Open the windows every morning to get the freshness of nature.