How to Avoid Emotional Eating Eating Excessive due

Discipline in dieting there are many challenges. There are some things that can cause someone to fail a diet. Sad that breakup, stress or boredom can trigger people to eat unhealthy foods and high calorie.

Desire overeating triggered by emotionally unstable, sometimes referred to as emotional eating. Eating disorders are not just eating a big bowl of ice cream to remove the sad breakup, or disappointed due betrayed lover. According to emotional eating expert Beth Castle, 95 percent of the desire to eat is due to emotional factors.

Emotional eating can happen because of stress, anger, too late to work or just bored that trigger you to search for food in the pantry or refrigerator. When that happens, you are already in the ‘trap’ that make weight gain.

“When someone needs a sense of comfort, it is very easy for them to run to the food. He’s going to feel better. But once the chocolate cake or ice cream on hand runs out, you actually feel worse than before. You also eat and eat some more , and ends on weight gain, “said Beth, as quoted from Livestrong.

Beth advised to seek refuge than food. Take advantage of social interactions to meet your psychic needs. Sometimes, laughter is the best way to make you feel comfortable.

Divert resentment, sadness, boredom or disappointment can also be done by watching a comedy movie in the cinema. But remember, do not watch accompanied by buttered popcorn and a large glass of soda because it will still ruin a diet. A walk in the complex around the house or going to the park with my friends also can be the best stress reliever medications without having to eat a lot of snacks.

The most important thing you should do to avoid emotional eating, is to forgive yourself. Kathie explained Mattison, a therapist for people with food disorders in Rockford, Illinois, punish yourself by eating a lot just to make increasingly unstable emotions and diet program became worse.

When you’re able to forgive yourself, when you can also create a more healthy diet. However, against emotional eating well is not easy. If the emotional state is worse to cause depression and even change your life, Kathie suggestion, try to meet a therapist or psychologist to help you. Do not immediately run to the unhealthy foods.