Diet Food, Jessica Simpson Down 28 Kg In 4 Months

Entertainment requires all celebrities to always look perfect. There’s no reason to look nonchalant look especially attractive on camera. No wonder celebrities are keen to maintain their body shape, especially after experiencing childbirth as beautiful singer Jessica Simpson.

After giving birth to her daughter in May Maxwell, Jessica Simpson was determined to lose weight. Strict diet for four months, he managed to lose weight again. According to TMZ, 32-year-old woman managed to lose weight by 60 pounds or 30 pounds with diet given former personal chef.

He only ate low-fat smoothies, protein and vegetables. Jessica is doing a diet program created by personal chef based on a points system ‘weightwatchers’. The program monitors every fat and calories contained in each serving. Food menu consists of a low-calorie egg white, satay chicken, peas, young chicken with whole grains, buckwheat noodles, and shrimp.

Jessica started the program in July diet by consuming three smoothies a day, five days a week, which is then coupled with a healthy snack and intake. The results showed the shape of her body at the launch of her new clothing line for her sister, Ashlee Simpson in Tampa, Florida last week.

In ad weightwatchers, Jessica said that she felt pressure to lose weight again, although he was not a supermodel. “Jessica I just want to eat food that is also evident in the real world for my daughter, so I think weightwatchers is the only way,” he said. Recognized diet program successfully, he felt satisfied and happy to have to be yourself in a better version.