Creativity and Freshness Keeping Brain Power

Increasing age, plus solid everyday activities often enough attention and energy. In fact, we are always expected to always look fresh and creative. The most pathetic, it makes demands of increasingly burdened mind.

To avoid the burden of thinking that is too heavy, try doing the following to make the mind more relaxed and fresh,


Not only are beneficial to health, exercise also helps you refresh your mind. By getting regular exercise and regular, all muscles will move and stimulate cell growth and facilitate the flow of hormones in the body.

Not only that, exercise can stimulate the active chemical ingredient known as brain derived neurotrophic factor (Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor / BDNF), which can stimulate the growth of brain cells. This activity occurs in the hippocampus, a region of the brain responsible for memory brain. So experts recommend exercising more often that these hormones more active and not easily confused.

Avoid gadgets

Gadgets and other advanced technologies is easier lives. However, often it makes our minds more and more burdened. Try to avoid all kinds of advanced technology, especially gadgets, for a while and move on to other fun activities such as gardening, cooking or reading a book.

Reduce television viewing

Not only the effect on eye health, spending too much time watching television it will make you more lazy. If lazy attacked, then power down your creativity, too.

Nutritious breakfast

Eating a nutritious breakfast is required by the body, especially the brain that we use is often excessive. It helps you get used to eating nutritious foods that are streamed to the brain stimulus the better.

Get plenty of rest

The brain is like a machine that always used to think. From this thought process then comes creativity. As with the engine, the brain also needs some care and maintenance so that the work becomes more effective. With adequate rest, the brain tends to generate ideas more meaningful and great value. Ability will increase and brilliant. So, do not underestimate the importance of rest ya.

Good luck!