Changing Habits For a Healthy Stomach

Stomach can digest basically almost all types of food. However, the hectic activity, irregular eating, and high stress are vulnerable to someone experiencing heartburn. In addition, some types of food it can also affect the condition of the stomach. Abdominal bloating, pain and discomfort often appears as a complaint.

Good habits are very helpful in making the hull free of any complaints. Consider how, as quoted from the Health Me Up, below.

Change what and how to eat

If you are experiencing discomfort in the stomach after a meal, you should immediately change the type of food and how to eat them. For example, eating small portions will reduce the risk of stiffness in the lower esophageal sphincter that serves to push food down to the stomach. You too should avoid eating 2-3 hours before bedtime. Because lying in a state of full stomach will push the food back into the esophageal sphincter.

Add fiber intake

It’s good you are diligent eating high-fiber foods. Because fiber-rich diet will aid digestion and prevent constipation. For a healthy stomach, you need fiber foods such as whole wheat, brown rice, fruits, vegetables, soybeans, and oats. However, for patients with irritable bowel syndrome (allergic to wheat), simply multiply the intake of fruits and vegetables only.

Diligent drinking water

It is important to diligently drinking water. Its function is nothing but push the remaining food into the exhaust system and launched a bowel movement. In addition, if you only eat fiber without water, the stomach will also be more uncomfortable. Because of its fiber-like sponges that can absorb water. So, without water fiber is not able to work well.

Reduce fat intake

Fat-rich foods, such as chips, burgers, fried potatoes are difficult to digest foods and interfere with digestion. Especially fried very dry which makes the stomach work harder to digest. Try to reduce the intake of fatty foods. How, choose fish that have been separated meat fat, skim milk, and boiled or baked foods.

Limit spicy foods

Many people love spicy food and not disturbed digestion. While there are those who tasted slightly spicy taste and stomach immediately felt hot. If you are the owner of sensitive stomach, you should reduce the habit of eating spicy foods. In addition to chili, also avoid acidic foods such as oranges, soda, and salad dressing that can cause ulcers. In essence, try to keep away from all kinds of foods and beverages that trigger pain or pain in the abdomen.

Drinks right

The last suggestion for people with sensitive stomach is choosing the right drink. So, avoid caffeinated beverages such as coffee, soda or tea, which can trigger the production of excess stomach acid. You can still enjoy a delicious drink that is safe for the stomach. For example, herbal tea, milk, and water. Probiotics also be shot as good bacteria linked in digestion.

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