Secrets of Successful Women Lose Weight 95 Kg

Most women certainly do not feel confident if you have to wear large clothes. In order to get the ideal body also many ways that can be made, one of which is diet and exercise as did Philippa Popham.

Mother of four children home Stroud, England weighs 165 pounds with a size 36 dress in 2006. At that time, it was difficult to run well and often was ridiculed in public. At that time, Philipa average calories consumed 17,000 calories per day.

At that time, he regularly consume large amounts of food throughout the day. In addition to the main food in large portions, Philippa is also often eat a snack in the middle of meals in excessive portions. The cause of skyrocketing weight Philippa was influenced by his mother’s death in 1996 that made him feel calm when consuming food.

Since the suggestion of a friend who saw too fat and unhealthy, the 49-year-old woman started a diet two years ago. At the beginning of the diet, in addition to changing your diet routine Philippa walking around their homes at night so he was not seen by anyone else. After feeling more confident with her body shape, she enrolled in a health spa nearby to start a routine swimming and zumba. Continue reading “Secrets of Successful Women Lose Weight 95 Kg”

Never Followed! 3 ‘Mantra’ It Can Be Dangerous Sport for the Body

There are many phrases or motto that was created to motivate and encourage people to exercise diligent. But some can be misleading and it makes the body sick and even cause injury. What motivational phrase that could be dangerous if followed? As quoted from the Huffington Post, these three ‘mantra’ in the world of sports are bad for your body.

1. No Pain, No Gain
Following this motto as in exercise or sport it can cause you serious injury. According to Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, a psychologist and a physical therapist, “Pain indicates that something wrong is happening to your body. Physical exercise to the body hurts can result in injury.”

Author of “A Happy You: Your Ultimate Prescription for Happiness ‘is added, a more accurate motto is’ no train, no gain. You need practice (train) to make changes to the body. Like lifting weights to build muscle or cardio in order to form a more beautiful body. Fatigue and soreness in some muscles may be felt in the beginning of the exercise. “But it’s very different from pain or illness,” he said.
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Knowing and Watching Pain In Body

The pain in some parts of the body, such as back or neck pain, we often experienced. The causes are various. Starting from the move too tired to unhealthy lifestyles.

For most people, the pain is quite overcome by massaging lightly just above the troubled areas of the body, drink plenty of water, take a break from the activity or allowed to heal up. However, according to some experts, like-Iyang reported by MSN, not all pain can be treated with four of these things. Because there is some pain that they appear instead to signal detection of diseases or irregularities on health, so we need special methods to overcome them.

Any pain is? Here are some of the pain that we should be aware,

Chest pain

This pain feels like pins and needles, shortness of breath and pain in the upper body. Do not ignore and get to the doctor, because they feared a problem with the heart. To note, it turns out women’s higher risk of developing it than men.
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Reason White Water Can Help Lose Weight

White water has many health benefits for humans. Starting from the skin, increase metabolism to provide additional energy to run with the maximum activity.

In addition, drink enough water at least eight glasses a day also helps you lose weight. Here are some reasons why water can make the body more healthy and ideal, as quoted from the All Women Stalk.

1. Makes You Feel More Satiety
Minumla glass of water before meals. The resulting effect of the water we drink makes us feel less hungry so eating is reduced. Drinking adequate amounts of water can help increase your metabolism and reduce snacking habits, because sometimes the actual cravings arise from thirst.

2. Increase Body Metabolism
Drinking water to lose weight because when your body is dehydrated, your metabolism goes slower and make the fat burning process in the body is not working optimally. Health experts also revealed that drinking a glass of cold water every morning can awaken the mind to focus on. Continue reading “Reason White Water Can Help Lose Weight”

Urine checks Through Body Condition

Checking the condition of the body is important to know whether your body has signs of disease presence. You can also find out the process that occurs in the body by observing the condition of the urine or something that happened during urination.

Early symptoms of the disease can also be detected by medical use of urine as a benchmark, because this is a waste residual fluid metabolism. You may notice some things during urination. As quoted from the Second Health, see the following explanation.

Color of urine
Normal urine color is usually yellow glow as a result of spending pigment in the blood called urochrome. However, urine can change color according to the food or disease suffered by a person.

When clear or colorless, it means you drink too much fluid. When it is dark yellow, you can signal your body dehydrated. If red, it indicates the presence of blood from the kidney or bladder infection. Meanwhile, when a dark brown or like tea, it could indicate a heart disorder.
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Michael Phelps diet & Miranda Kerr’s Most Wanted in the Internet

Diet to lose weight is often a topic that favored men and women. Of all the methods of diet, diet Miranda Kerr and Michael Phelps is the most sought after in the United States throughout 2012.

Michael Phelps diet first position diet list of the most searched on Google in 2012. The list was created by Zeitgeist site by analyzing over 1 billion searches on Google.

Michael Phelps diet is a much sought-after weight-loss methods by consuming lots of calories burned during exercise after swimming. Michael Phelps diet is implemented will follow the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. The American consumed 12 thousand calories per day. Calories are then used for training. In each one-hour exercise, 1,000 calories burned by the handsome athlete.

Method Dietary second most searched on Google is Beyond diet. Gluten-free diet was developed by nutritionist Isabel De Lo Rios. The third diet that is in the list are Raspberry Ketones. The third most sought-after diet is a weight loss product which was introduced by Dr. Mehmet Oz on her TV show.
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Crop Position Based In Living Room

The presence of plants in the house can provide a different atmosphere. Some plants can included residential interior accessories category, the goal is to make the house feel more comfortable with a beautiful and natural atmosphere.

Each plant has its own uniqueness with beautiful color, leaf shape until the interest generated. That way, it is very obvious presence can beautify the room space.

However, the placement of plants in the room must be considered as still there are rules in the placement so the room looks beautiful. In order for the placement of plants as interior elements in accordance with the composition of the room, then consider the following.

Select plants that are not potentially toxic. Avoid placing thorny plants or plant sap issue or smell in the room. In addition, you should choose plants that can live a long time without sunlight. That way, you do not need to plant every day to get sunlight.

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7 Tips To Avoid Weight Gain At The increase in ‘Season’ Party

Before Christmas and the end of the year, usually an invitation to attend a lot of good coming into the office address / house or email. Season party, food / beverage and tasty festive atmosphere must be two very enjoyable.

However, not infrequently, both of these can lead to weight gain. Especially when you can party until ttiga attended two a week for a month. Weight gain, the body becomes fat, stress was whack.

According to fitness expert Althea Shah, eat lots of high-calorie foods when coupled with the party season without exercise will cause weight gain fast. So how to avoid that? Here are 7 tips that might help you, as reported Idiva.

1. Cardiovascular Exercise
Cardio exercise does not have to do with running on the treadmill at the gym. Shah suggested that always take a little time to walk or run in the morning or late afternoon. In addition to walking, cycling and swimming can also be a good choice.

2. Resist the temptation
It never hurts to forget the diet during the holidays, but try to keep control of myself. Eat enough food in order to keep weight under control. Continue reading “7 Tips To Avoid Weight Gain At The increase in ‘Season’ Party”

6 Food Low Calorie To Help Lose Weight

Lead a healthy lifestyle and weight loss success depends on your willpower to change unhealthy eating habits. If until now accustomed to eating foods high in salt, sugar, fat and calories, now start switching to healthier foods and low in calories.

If you are still confused to recognize which foods are high and low in calories, start with fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition to these two foods, there are four more that have very low calorie content, as quoted from the All Women Stalk.

1. Spices
Fresh or dried herbs can help your weight loss process. So, forget the sauces and salad dressings are high in fat and use the same spices delicious in flavor but contains far fewer calories. One clove of garlic contains only four calories, but it makes the food taste so much more delicious. Meanwhile, parsley leaves are only 10 calories, and cinnamon-containing six calories, can make your food taste more varied.

2. Fruits Continue reading “6 Food Low Calorie To Help Lose Weight”

Burning Trash affect health

The trash problem is increasingly creepy. How not, in fact each household only expected to produce at least 3 kg of waste every day. To clean it, many people prefer to burn trash in his yard.

In fact, according Supriyono S.KM, M. Kes, health and nutrition experts, as quoted from health magazines, activities burn garbage, although efficient and helps get rid of waste quickly, has a number of great danger to humans or the environment. In addition, burning waste would also exacerbate global warming.

What’s more danger of burning trash to people and the environment? Consider the following facts,

In general, indiscriminate burning trash. This activity will produce carbon monoxide (CO) which when inhaled may interfere with the work of human hemoglobin (red blood cells) that should carry and distribute oxygen (O2) to the body. O2 deficiency can cause death. As a rough idea, a ton of trash that is burned will potentially generate as much as 30 kg of CO gas.
Smoke from burning plastic waste will produce dioxin chemical compounds or substances that can be used as an herbicide (plant toxins). In addition, the process can also produce dangerous toxic gases that have been used as the murder weapon during the first World War. Continue reading “Burning Trash affect health”