Betting on Wrestling is a Huge Deal

My friend Sadie is a huge online better. She loves getting on the betting web sites and seeing what she can bet on. She loves sports, card games, wrestling, you know it and all of these things are things she said she can bet on! I was so lost about the wrestling and she told me “Sure it’s predetermined, but betters do not know the results!” Interesting idea. She invited me over one weekend when there was a wrestling PPV going on. I had nothing else to do, so I went.

She was hosting a small party with friends and everyone was there. Most of them were people who bet online as well. I told them I wasn’t betting, but I would watch as everyone else did before every match. As the show started, Sadie told me about how the betting process worked for the site she was on. Before the match, they open the betting pools and you put in how much you wager. At a certain point, the betting will be closed and you can no longer place a bet in that match. You watch the match and if you picked the winner, the screen will show you how much you have won. As the show goes on, the odds of winning go down but it is still interesting.

Everyone placed their bets on the first match and was given a swerving ending. Most everyone lost their bets and she showed me the screen and told me “I’ll get that money back!” and laughed. By the end of the night, she did get her money back and then some. I could see why this is so fun for all of them and it really gave me an insight that I didn’t know about before. Who knows, maybe next time I place a few bets and see where it gets me!