Athletes Overcoming Injury Tolerance Differences

For you fans of sports shows, then you are likely to see how hard the sport undertaken by professional athletes. We certainly have seen the struggle of a marathon runner who had completed the race along 42 195 km. For football fans, we also must have often heard how much players have a long injury, but could return to the field and provide the best performance in the game.

It probably is not unusual for you. The reason is quite simple: They are the ones who have been trained all his life, so that the body and physique have been accustomed to pressure both physically and mentally. However, how their bodies can react spontaneously and so tolerant to deal with pain?

In a study released in the journal entitled “Pain”, a team of researchers have studied 15 research that looked at the various factors related to pain tolerance in the body of an athlete, or an ordinary individual. The study separates the two major groups, the first group contains professional athletes, while the second group is the ordinary people. But both of them are experiencing an injury with the same pain.

From the study, the researchers found that athletes are indeed capable of providing exceptional tolerance to pain, although these results depend on the sport they pursue. One of the fifteen studies also showed that male athletes are better able to cope with pain, compared with female athletes.

But there is a clue as to how the athletes really can “relieve” extraordinary pain. They use a system of association and dissociation were both really rely on the mind and mental.

An example is the association system, when a footballer will continue to focus on scoring goals or a strategy that can provide mature passes to colleagues, to get rid of the pain. While the system is dissociation, when the footballer chose to think of other things, so he could get rid of the pain he suffered.

Both strategies proved successful in increasing the level of tolerance for pain and can help an athlete’s performance to lower mental stress in different ways in between. Strategy dissociation may be further increase the pain threshold when the athlete works at a low intensity level. However, the association looks more effective strategy when the footballer to play in a high intensity level.

However, in broad outline, the researchers did not find a single thing that could be the reason, why the athletes can ignore the pain. The research team says that athletes are familiar with a variety of injuries and may have learned how to cope with the pain. In addition, the increased intensity of exercise also helps release hormones endorphins, hormones that affect the brain and nervous system catches psychologically.

But again, these studies did not suggest you to get in a boxing club just to be able to increase your tolerance to pain. The research team further said that the amount of pain tolerance is also influenced by a variety of genes.

One thing we got from the research is just now, the pain is no mind. Always bring a positive thought, will keep you from the pain.