7 Signs at Sports Obsession Can Endanger Your Body

Maintaining health and fitness to sports or physical exercise is very important. But if you do too much exercise until pushing power, which happens not to be healthy but health problems. These are signs you exercise excessively and should be immediately wary, quoted from Time Gal.

1. No Compromise on Health
There are times when the schedule is very solid routines that reduced sleep hours and the body was not fit. If you are experiencing now feel guilty for not exercising, it is a problem to be avoided. If you are injured, have a fever or a lack of sleep but still consider going to the gym is very important, it is a problem that must be addressed. Regular exercise is necessary, but it is occasionally missed sports schedules.

2. Exercise is a Liability
Although training in the gym can make you feel happy, but it should not be an obligation. Do exercises at intervals should be, because if it is too demanding it every day of the training activities are not fun anymore.

3. Calorie is the Enemy
If every time you eat count how long it takes to burn calories back, then maybe you are obsessed. Avoid the need not worry about calories into the body because the body also needs calories for energy.

4. Dropped Drastic Weight Loss
Someone who are obese tend to lose weight drastically at the beginning of the diet and exercise. In fact, to lose weight more than 1.3 kg per week then it means you push yourself too hard.

5. Not Balanced
Do not get a solid workout schedule snatch happiness because it must pass through a preferred activity. Take the time to socialize with friends or family because it is not as important as exercise.

6. Prone to Injury
People who diligently exercising prone to injury because the muscles continue to work. If you are experiencing an injury, do not force yourself to exercise regularly but rest  yourself so that your health can be restored.

7. Run out of steam
Sports provide power is indeed a fact. However, if you exercise excessively then you may be feeling tired and exhausted.