6 These Foods High salt content of the Cause of Hypertension

Salt. Who does not know the ingredients on this one? Besides known as a food flavoring, salt also acts as a natural food preservative. But unfortunately, too ‘familiar’ with the salt can make your health affected. Vice versa, less eating them can also cause disease, such as enlargement of the thyroid gland.

As reported by the Times of India, American Heart Disease Association has revealed six different types of foods with high salt content are widely encountered in everyday life. In fact almost everyone eating these foods everyday. Surprisingly, snacks like chips just not one of them.

Salt is Sodium Chloride has another name. In the right amount, the actual element sodium is needed by the body, as it can ‘swap’ the substance of the rest of the old food with the new. Sodium levels in the cells that will set the current absence of exchange leftover food in the body.

Dr. Linda Van Horn, a research nutritionist at Northwestern University, said that excess sodium in the diet is often not realized consumers. That’s because the salt is no longer in the form of white granules. But has been fused with the materials forming foods and what is already in the food.

“The average individual consume twice the amount of salt that should they need, but there are several ways to control intake,” said Dr. Linda.

A guide to food in America mengasup suggest no more than 2 grams or half a teaspoon of salt each day. While American Health Asociation (AHA) recommends a lower amount, ie 1.5 grams.

However, a recent survey of AHA found that most people on average consume about 3.4 grams of salt per day. Largely derived from processed and restaurant foods.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said excess salt consumption could potentially increase the blood pressure, thus increasing the risk of stroke and heart disease. What are the six food with high salt content, however many people do not expect it?

1. Bread Roll Contents
A loaf of bread has about 230 mg of sodium. Your body will mengasup additional salt quickly each time consuming.

2. Salami
The smoked meat has a lot of content of sodium, 1.1 grams per serving.

3. Pizza
One slice has up to 760 mg of sodium. Not a good choice if you want to reduce the consumption of salt.

4. Nugget
Chicken or breaded chicken nuggets contains about 600 mg of salt, while the packaged raw chicken often contain added sodium.

5. Cream soup
A bowl of hearty cream soup contains about 940 mg of sodium.

6. Sandwich
Combine bread with salami and cheese sandwich up sodium levels in, especially if the salt-heavy condiments like mustard and ketchup added.