5S formula to Lose Weight by Walking

Many people choose to ride a bike or drive a motorcycle on his way somewhere. In addition to a lazy walk, maybe a lot of them are not aware of the health benefits when walking.

If you’re on a weight loss program, try this one sport. Dr Nadkarni, an orthopedic surgeon recommends the majority of patients who want to lose weight by walking. “Walking is a relatively safe exercise and fun. Walk also can effectively lose weight,” he said as quoted from Idiva.

In addition, walking is an excellent exercise radiovaskular, can make your heart and lungs more efficient practice. It can help prevent osteoporosis and improve bone health. Walking is also a great way to eliminate stress.

In order to walk into an effective exercise to lose weight, one should stick to the formula 5S.

Stretch (Muscle Flexing)
Stretch your muscles before and after running. Muscles such as the calf muscles, quadriceps, hamstrings should supple while walking. Stretching is good is the ‘Yoga Vertical’ that can help you stretch muscles while walking. Vertical Yoga is one type of yoga postures while standing, which can be done before or after the walk.

Strengthen (Strengthen Muscles)
Strengthen your calf muscles with weight training. This can prevent injury when walking. Do exercises like putting a strain on the heel, quarter squats, and knee bending motion. Strong muscles can prevent joint degeneration.

Speed ​​(Running Speed)
Optimum speed when walking is needed to lose weight. Many people who fail to lose weight while walking because they incorrectly applying the technique goes.

If you want to lose weight, walking quickly with the right intensity, not just walk away. If you start to feel tired, do not force, reduce the speed of light while walking.

Style (Style Walk)
Gait sports important to do so more efficiently and injury-free when walking. Walking the truth is when the heel hits the ground, followed by a step other foot before foot before leaving the ground. The body should be upright without bending and arm must swing with your stride.

Shoes (Sports Shoes)
Shoes are important indicators that should be taken to avoid injury when running. Good shoes are shoes that are comfortable when used while exercising and do not cause knee or back problems. Choose the type of shoe that is designed specifically for pedestrians.