Women Down 73 Kg Weight Loss But Can Still Eat Delicious

Diet to lose weight is identical to avoid your favorite foods, especially fatty cakes. But for Claire Alsop, he still managed to lose more than half his weight while eating her favorite cake.

Weight loss was 31-year-old woman Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England was rocketed to 137 pounds after the birth of her two children. At that time, he had to wear size 26 or 28 and so scared can not properly take care of their children because of the difficulties encountered due to his physical condition.

With body obesity, Alsop difficult to perform daily activities let alone take care of her baby. He admitted that he was not strong enough to stand more than 10 minutes because of back pain when standing too long.

Feeling unwell and fear can not see her baby grow up, Alsop decided to join in a body slimming center named Slimming World after unsuccessfully trying various models of diet and eating patterns. Since joining the club in January 2011, now total body weight was reduced Alsop was 73 kg or more than half of its original weight.

Although it has a hobby of making cakes and surrounded by friends and family with a similar hobby, but it does not make a diet Alsop failed but his expertise is helping weight loss program. “I love the typical English food such as steak, boiled-stew, cottage pie, anything that contains potatoes., And I can still take it all to cook a little different,” he said as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Alsop is now crowned as the ‘Slimming World’s Woman of the Year’ told me that she made a cake for a diet low in fat and does it, the whole family is now living healthier. In fact, her husband Paul also lost weight because the food is homemade. In addition to a positive effect for the family, it is also expanding their social life often exchange recipes with other members of Slimming World.

In addition to changing your diet, weight loss Alsop was also helped by sports such as running and join activities with their children. “I used to only see my kids playing in the park and now I join the move with them,” said the woman who is now the size of 10 or 12.