Weightlifting Exercise Make Female Body Muscular, Myth or Fact?

Weight training, weight lifting or simply is one of the exercises that can build muscle body perfectly. In addition to maintaining physical fitness, weightlifting is also effective weight loss.

Although this exercise can be done by men and women, but also many myths that cause some women to think twice before doing weights. Persistent myth is that a woman’s body look so masculine because the muscles are bulging. Is it a myth? Find out the answer, as quoted from Boldsky.

1. Weightlifting Body Make Women So Big & Masculine
Women are not able to produce much testosterone as men. So while women choose the weights, his body will not be the masculine like a man. Women with muscular bodies get additional anabolic steroids (synthetic testosterone) to build muscle mass. If you practice weightlifting without steroid consumption, then one gets is the body that looks toned and perfectly formed. Not a muscle that stands out like weight lifters.

2. Increase Breast Size
Strength training will improve the shape of the shoulders, not the chest. If your breast size increases, it is caused by fatty tissue which accumulates in the breast. If you have fat on the breasts, your chest will automatically look thicker.

3. Moves Muscle Fat If You Stop Weightlifting
Many people think that lifting weights will make them fat. The fact is that muscles can never turn into fat. The only way to avoid weight gain after lifting weights is to control the intake of food consumed. You will become obese when consuming food before workout portion of the lot.

4. Weightlifting Causing Hemorrhoids
Breathing with the wrong method when practicing weightlifting, allowing occurred hemorrhoids. When lifting the iron, hold your breath for a while. When the load is lifted, then you slowly exhale. His breath while lifting iron, will avoid hemorrhoids and other injuries.

5. Weightlifting Causing Problems Blood Pressure
When you lift heavy weights, and increased blood pressure will return to normal once you put it back. Lifters have less chances of having cardiovascular problems suffered cardiac pressure lowering systolic and diastolic.

6. Debilitating Weightlifting Rahim
Women are often advised not to lift heavy weights, but if done with the guidance, can help you lose weight and get into shape desired. Avoid heavy lifting if you can not afford. This can affect your uterus. However, lifting a light weight (when done with the right technique) will not damage the uterus.