Urine checks Through Body Condition

Checking the condition of the body is important to know whether your body has signs of disease presence. You can also find out the process that occurs in the body by observing the condition of the urine or something that happened during urination.

Early symptoms of the disease can also be detected by medical use of urine as a benchmark, because this is a waste residual fluid metabolism. You may notice some things during urination. As quoted from the Second Health, see the following explanation.

Color of urine
Normal urine color is usually yellow glow as a result of spending pigment in the blood called urochrome. However, urine can change color according to the food or disease suffered by a person.

When clear or colorless, it means you drink too much fluid. When it is dark yellow, you can signal your body dehydrated. If red, it indicates the presence of blood from the kidney or bladder infection. Meanwhile, when a dark brown or like tea, it could indicate a heart disorder.

Sense of urine
Sweet taste of urine indicates the presence of symptoms diabetes or diabetes mellitus. In ancient times, detecting diabetes is done by seeing if urine surrounded by ants or not. If surrounded by ants, that is sweet and there is a possibility of diabetes.

Increased blood sugar levels make the body fluids, including urine, be sweet for sugar contamination. But apparently detection methods with the help of ants considered inappropriate, because urine is only surrounded by ants when blood sugar levels are extreme. Diabetes often do not show symptoms.

Reach sprays urine
More recently researchers have revealed that a variety of prostate problems will affect the flow of urine. The difference can be observed yourself of how far the arches that form when the urine out of the penis.

The range is produced by the tension face of the urine and form channels in the body. The study also found that men who reach far spray means having a prostate condition is still good. If the range is short, there is a suspicion of prostate enlargement.

Pungent smell of urine
It smelled of urine because urine contains ammonia in it. However, if the smell is very pungent and redundant, no sign of an infection. A study showed that a very sharp odor of urine is a symptom of a urinary tract infection.

However, there is always a sharp odor caused by infection. If you are taking medication or after eating smelly foods, such as durian or petai, urine issued also issued a sharp odor.

Painful urination
That should arise during urination is a sense of relief because it managed to dispose of waste from the body. But if often experience pain when urinating, please be aware of the existence of kidney stones, the calcium deposits that harden and gather in the kidneys or urinary tract.

In patients with kidney stones, the pain often spreads to the abdomen, genitals, and thighs for a few minutes. Other symptoms are urinating is not smooth or just out a little. This is due to the blockage of kidney stones in the urinary tract.

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