This is food that should be consumed after Sports

Time is critical in the planning, including arranging meals. Therefore, the body needs proper nutrition for use on the move. Activity timing differences, different foods should be consumed. Setting hours of eating is very important for people to move optimally.

Why Should Eat Right Time?
The food we eat react different hormones in the body. For example, a reaction that affects mood, concentration and awareness, energy, and so on. So, in addition to knowing what to eat, it is important for us to know when the right time to eat them. Here are tips on when and what foods should be consumed to fill the day and activities, as quoted from Livestrong.

1. After Physical Exercise / Sports
After the exercise, the muscles are working hard and decreased stamina. Therefore, the body needs proper nutrition in order to recover and become stronger.

“Eat a snack with carbohydrates and protein ratio of 2: 1 after exercise with mild to moderate intensity., And carbohydrate-protein ratio of 3 to 1 after high-intensity exercise,” said Andrea Hacker Thompson of ACSM Fit Society Page.

Carbohydrate will replenish glycogen (glucose storage that provides energy reserves), and protein to rebuild your muscles. Eat after 30 minutes to 1 hour after exercise, because at that time the body absorb nutrients optimally. Drink a glass of chocolate milk or eating a loaf of whole wheat bread with cheese or egg stuffing.

2. After a Long Meeting
If you feel sleepy after a slide presentation featuring hundreds of pages, eat some almond nuts. According to Lauren O’Connor, RD of Nutri-Savvy, almonds are good vegetable fat with a little protein content. According to a study published in the journal Neuron, useful proteins that enable cells to help maintain awareness and calorie burning process.

Carbohydrates are the equivalent of whole grains contained in almonds also contain glucose which helps the brain works. While the protein content help your memory so that important information can be remembered the meeting well. In addition, the protein rich in the amino acid tyrosine, a hormone that is needed in brain energy intake and help you more awake (1 ounce of almonds contains 127 mg of tyrosine).

3. After the Long Beach Performing
After doing a lot of activities that drain energy, you have to replace the ions is wasted because of the large amount of sweat released. “Food and beverage consumed should be high in carbohydrates and vitamins and proteins in the lower levels of the protein than to replace the intake has been wasted,” said Shari Portnoy, a registered dietitian and fitness trainer.

Should mengasup vitamins and carbohydrates in liquid form. Because liquids are readily absorbed than food in solid or solid. You can make a mixture of banana and apple smoothies or vegetable juice.

4. After Begadang
If the body is too little rest or sleep deprivation, not merely mood or feelings are affected. According to research conducted by researchers at UCLA, lack of sleep can increase ghrelin and lower levels of leptin in the body that will lead to increased appetite.

To fix this, start your morning with breakfast foods that contain protein. Try to consume 28 grams of nuts that will keep you full longer. You can also eat yogurt with bananas, apples or strawberries.

5. After Party all night
To overcome the hangover when getting out of bed in the morning because eating alkhohol evening, a glass of tomato juice can help replace moisture and electrolytes lost. Likewise with pear fruit.

“Pear fruit can relieve the nausea that was abandoned after consuming alcohol,” says Erin Palinski, author of ‘The forthcoming, Belly Fat Diet for Dummies’.