Secrets of Successful Women Lose Weight 95 Kg

Most women certainly do not feel confident if you have to wear large clothes. In order to get the ideal body also many ways that can be made, one of which is diet and exercise as did Philippa Popham.

Mother of four children home Stroud, England weighs 165 pounds with a size 36 dress in 2006. At that time, it was difficult to run well and often was ridiculed in public. At that time, Philipa average calories consumed 17,000 calories per day.

At that time, he regularly consume large amounts of food throughout the day. In addition to the main food in large portions, Philippa is also often eat a snack in the middle of meals in excessive portions. The cause of skyrocketing weight Philippa was influenced by his mother’s death in 1996 that made him feel calm when consuming food.

Since the suggestion of a friend who saw too fat and unhealthy, the 49-year-old woman started a diet two years ago. At the beginning of the diet, in addition to changing your diet routine Philippa walking around their homes at night so he was not seen by anyone else. After feeling more confident with her body shape, she enrolled in a health spa nearby to start a routine swimming and zumba.

“I swim six times a week almost every week, slowly increase what I can do,” says Philippa told the Daily Mail. Due to a strict diet followed, Philippa finally lost weight by 95 kg. But the weight loss was about 60 percent of excess fat in the skin left Philippa to be removed by a doctor.

In August, he did a surgical removal of excess fat in the Spire Hospital, England Philippa body so that now seems more ideal. If before Philippa had to buy size 36 clothes, clothes size now shrunk to three times smaller than the size 12.