Michael Phelps diet & Miranda Kerr’s Most Wanted in the Internet

Diet to lose weight is often a topic that favored men and women. Of all the methods of diet, diet Miranda Kerr and Michael Phelps is the most sought after in the United States throughout 2012.

Michael Phelps diet first position diet list of the most searched on Google in 2012. The list was created by Zeitgeist site by analyzing over 1 billion searches on Google.

Michael Phelps diet is a much sought-after weight-loss methods by consuming lots of calories burned during exercise after swimming. Michael Phelps diet is implemented will follow the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. The American consumed 12 thousand calories per day. Calories are then used for training. In each one-hour exercise, 1,000 calories burned by the handsome athlete.

Method Dietary second most searched on Google is Beyond diet. Gluten-free diet was developed by nutritionist Isabel De Lo Rios. The third diet that is in the list are Raspberry Ketones. The third most sought-after diet is a weight loss product which was introduced by Dr. Mehmet Oz on her TV show.

Diets such as Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima, and Miranda Kerr are also included in the list of the most searched diet. Nine days before appearing at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, Adriana fairly extreme diet is to avoid solid foods and milk protein mengosumsi routine.

Meanwhile, Miranda Kerr, his diet much sought after because he already looks very slim when appearing in Victoria’s Secret fashion show even though a new baby. In addition to regular yoga, sexy body secret is to always eat healthy foods. “I love to eat and enjoy fresh food produced organically. I drink hot water with lemon in the morning and also drink plenty of purified water that bekrkualitas all day,” he said. Plus, Miranda also always eat fish and boiled vegetables.

Other diets that are also included in the list of 10 most sought-after in the diet is a diet Google juice and diet Marissa Miller. Marissa diet quite simply is to reduce calorie intake and do not often eat favorite foods are generally junk food and fatty foods.