Main Causes Body Fat After returning Strict Diet

Actively while being on a diet, someone willing to drastically change his lifestyle so that weight can be lost more quickly. But once managed to get into shape, many people who eventually gain weight back. Here are the reasons why your diet to fail as reported by Live Strong.

1. Extreme Weight Loss in Short Time
Most diets fail because implementing dietary patterns change drastically from day-to-day habits. Generally, this diet allows eating only cabbage soup, milkshakes, fruit or cookies diet. How to diet like this may result in a slimmer body in no time. But humans will not survive if the rest of his life just eating these foods. As a result after the stop applying extreme diet, you went back to old eating patterns. As a result, the body fat again exceeded even before the diet.

2. No Post-Diet Plan
After successfully losing weight until the desired number, most people do not think about the next plan. So what happens is that the old diet re-run. And the weight back up quickly due to decreased drastically slow the metabolism system. For that, berprinsiplah to continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle even though weight is ideal.

3. Social Life
People who are in a diet program is generally difficult to mingle in the social life of such festivities. Or a dinner at a restaurant usually provides delicious food high in calories. Due to restrict food intake into the body, most people who are dieting can not have a good social life and ultimately led to the desire to eat excessively because they feel stressed.

How to Overcome It
Live the diet with focus and slowly. Always learn new ways to manage your diet is healthy but not boring to be able to take a long time. Additionally, targetkanlah to lose weight slowly which is about half to one kg per week so your metabolism working properly. Lastly, consume healthy foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, protein, and unsaturated fatty acids.