Kids Beds Collapsed When laid, Female It Down Weight 50 kg

Overweight or obese is certainly not desired by anyone, because it not only affects the self-confidence but also for health. A young mother Cacia Griggs one of them, so he could not freely move the baby because its weight is too heavy. At age 24, weight 114 kg rocketed in numbers and have to wear size 24.

One day while mendongengkan princess named Isabelle, he sat down at the baby’s bedside and began to hear the sounds that apparently is the sound of broken beds. “I heard a loud noise. I totally ruined the whole beam bedside because I was obese. I feel very upset,” he told the Daily Mail.

In addition, there are other events that will also remind Cacia unhealthy obesity he experienced. While on vacation with her ​​fiance and her baby, she should ask for a connection seat belt on the plane because it does not fit a normal size for her body.

Starting fear of obesity and experienced the terrible effects on eating her little daughter, Cacia finally decided to join a slimming center named Cambridge Weight Plan in June 2011. Within a year, she lost weight by 50 kg due to a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Having managed to get a slim body, eventually she and her fiance Chris were married on November 3. On the special day, Cacia finally can wear her dream wedding dress size 10.