Feng Shui Main Entrance

As an art to creating an environment that reflects the life, the science of feng shui has been believed for many years to give positive energy to the house. Setting feng shui is not just in the room, but also the entrance.

The entrance is the outermost part before you enter the house. This section is very important to determine the positive energy that comes into the house. Here are tips for your front door.

Flowing Energy
So that energy back into the room, then you should not direct the first rung towards the door. It will create direct energy up to the second floor and left the room left at the bottom. But if this is too late, then lay it plant or statue near the stairs.

Energy reflection
Many people already know that the wall opposite the door will block the flow of energy into the room. Unfortunately most of them put the glass on the wall with the intent to distribute energy. In fact, these efforts will only reflect energy coming out.

To overcome this, then you should put a proper landscape painting on the wall facing the door. Painting will invite the eye to enter, making the room bigger and create the illusion that there is a view behind the wall.

It is important to give positive energy is light. Therefore, make sure the light at the entrance you are quite bright. When you need to install the lights on the side wall of the door.

Changing colors is an easy way to fix the feng shui at the entrance. Change your entrance into a red color to attract positive energy or black color to attract wealth. If the area around the entrance to your dark, the door paint it with bright colors and use bright colored accessories.

Keep Chaos
The entrance is the transition from the outside world into your home. Chaos can halt the positive energy that will fit into your home. Therefore it is very important to keep the energy coming into the house is not blocked.

To do this, there are several things to consider. Make sure your entrance clean and tidy. Move umbrella that opens at the front entrance, coat hanger or shoes and sandals are a mess on the floor.

Energy boosters
Crystal is able to strengthen the positive energy that will go into the house. Put over the entrance will calm energy and create a balanced flow.