Crop Position Based In Living Room

The presence of plants in the house can provide a different atmosphere. Some plants can included residential interior accessories category, the goal is to make the house feel more comfortable with a beautiful and natural atmosphere.

Each plant has its own uniqueness with beautiful color, leaf shape until the interest generated. That way, it is very obvious presence can beautify the room space.

However, the placement of plants in the room must be considered as still there are rules in the placement so the room looks beautiful. In order for the placement of plants as interior elements in accordance with the composition of the room, then consider the following.

Select plants that are not potentially toxic. Avoid placing thorny plants or plant sap issue or smell in the room. In addition, you should choose plants that can live a long time without sunlight. That way, you do not need to plant every day to get sunlight.

Note the placement of plants
If possible, place the plant in the corner of the room near the window. That way, the plants can get indirect sunlight, making the process of photosynthesis can still take place. This step can also prolong the presence of plants in the room.

Plant placement in the room can serve to increase the amount of oxygen and reduce the amount of pollutants in the air. For that type of plant can be placed Spathiphyllum and Sansevieria. You can put these plants to reduce the toxicity of cigarette smoke, if there happens to be a family member who smoked.

Size of plant
Choose plants that are less than 20 centimeters high. With that size you could put a plant on your desk or place the plant in a beautiful ceramic pot.