Burning Trash affect health

The trash problem is increasingly creepy. How not, in fact each household only expected to produce at least 3 kg of waste every day. To clean it, many people prefer to burn trash in his yard.

In fact, according Supriyono S.KM, M. Kes, health and nutrition experts, as quoted from health magazines, activities burn garbage, although efficient and helps get rid of waste quickly, has a number of great danger to humans or the environment. In addition, burning waste would also exacerbate global warming.

What’s more danger of burning trash to people and the environment? Consider the following facts,

In general, indiscriminate burning trash. This activity will produce carbon monoxide (CO) which when inhaled may interfere with the work of human hemoglobin (red blood cells) that should carry and distribute oxygen (O2) to the body. O2 deficiency can cause death. As a rough idea, a ton of trash that is burned will potentially generate as much as 30 kg of CO gas.
Smoke from burning plastic waste will produce dioxin chemical compounds or substances that can be used as an herbicide (plant toxins). In addition, the process can also produce dangerous toxic gases that have been used as the murder weapon during the first World War.
From burning waste contain chlorine can produce 75 kinds of other toxic substances.
Smoke from burning trash containing benzopirena (toxic gas that attacks the heart) as much as 350 times. This substance is believed to be the ringleader of a cancer-causing hydrocarbons and harmful irritants.
Burning wood can also produce compounds that cause cancer. While melamine formaldehyde can result when oxygen supply is many or burn by HCN (hydrogen cyanide) when less oxygen.
Burning garbage in open areas can generate fine dust particles or particulate matter (PM) that reaches the level of PM 10 (10 microns). With these levels, these substances can not be filtered by human breathing apparatus, so that it can enter the lungs and cause respiratory problems.
Burning waste can cause a thick smog reduced visibility and comfort in your neighborhood. What’s worse, it could lead to a fire on a bigger scale.
Therefore, to prevent disease and reduce air pollution, let us together to manage household waste wisely.

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