5 Healthy Drinks Energizer After Sports

When dehydrated, the body will feel weak and tired. This condition usually occurs after the fitness, sports, a lot of thinking or filled with thoughts of work and energy drain. When the body feels lackluster, a quick way to restore power usually by drinking energy drinks.

This drink is usually packaged in a bottle, or effervescent powder in a sachet. Energy drinks can indeed boost energy instantly, but high in calories, sugar, artificial coloring, artificial flavorings and caffeine is not good for health. Moreover, if consumed continuously and excessively. Therefore, replace it with a healthier beverage. Many energy drinks are effectively increasing but still safe for consumption. These five are, as quoted by Time Gal.

1. White Water
Caffeine content in energy drinks work as a diuretic; trigger the desire to urinate more often. As a result, the body will become dehydrated. This condition can cause the body sluggish and tired. Instead of energy drinks, better multiply drinking water to help you more awake and energized throughout the day.

2. Green tea
Green tea drinks that contain caffeine, but in small quantities; not as much as energy drinks or coffee. Caffeine in green tea may provide additional power when needed. Besides green tea is healthier because it does not undergo much processing. Drinks can be served warm or cold it is also a natural source of antioxidants that help prevent cancer, heart disease and nerve.

3. Beetroot Juice
For those not accustomed to drinking, beetroot juice may feel a little strange. But the drinks are excellent for replacing fluids lost due to the many activities. Red Beetroot is a good source of nitrate. Nitrate is a substance that is proven to increase energy and power.

4. Milk Chocolate
The most rapid and practical way to restore power at the same time filling the stomach is chocolate milk. This drink contains carbohydrates for quick energy formation, and protein to energy in the body long. Milk chocolate also contains caffeine which makes the body a little more fresh and vibrant.

5. Lemon Water
Lemon is rich in vitamin C which act as antioxidants and increase endurance. Juice of half a lemon into a glass of warm water, can deliver energy ‘power’ that makes the body more refreshed and eyes more ‘literate’. Best taken after you wake up when the stomach is empty.