1 of 3 Male Shame Admits Being Dieting, It’s The Reason

Women who are undergoing a diet program to lose weight generally enthusiastic talk and ask advice from friends or family. But not for men, they tend to keep the diet program of the people nearby. What for?

A survey conducted by brand called Diet Chef diet showed, 31 percent of men on a diet but keep it a secret from others. It’s likely they do because they think that a diet is something only women to control weight.

More than 90 percent of men say they want to lose weight. But one of the three men said he would not admit that he was on a diet to others.

The survey concludes, 14 percent of men still see the diet is only done by women, 25 percent do not want to say that they are dieting to family and friends because they feel ashamed. While 29 percent of respondents were concerned people would think diet does is in vain and the rest concerned closest people will try to ruin their diet with giving sweets and fatty foods.

Here’s another fact about the man and his diet, as quoted from Female First.

1. Men aim Dieting
Women and men who do the diet must both want to lose weight. But unlike the women motivated to lose weight because they want to look perfect while wearing sexy clothes, 76% of men lose weight to boost confidence. In addition, 49% of men admitted on a diet for health reasons.

Founder and chef Kevin Dorren diet food brand confirmed that in these modern times is also very caring man appearance. Most men who want to maintain a healthy diet long term but still can eat a full meal and a healthy snack.

2. Men Love to Eat
If she is not willing to eat his favorite foods to lose weight, then another case with men. Many men admit that they want to lose weight but do not want a lot of favorite foods such as pie or fast food.

3. Causes of Obesity In Men
Sebanuak 18% men blaming beer for causing waistlines widen. While more than 36% of men admit can not control his love eating chocolate because they believe can enhance sex. Many did not recognize the man who can eat a salad as a main meal, as many women do when dieting, because they are not mengeyangkan and tastes boring.